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Monday, August 10, 2009

Greece: Secrets of the Past Opens at IMAX on Aug. 14

The Cosmosphere is premiering a new IMAX film on August 14. "Greece: Secrets of the Past" is a sweeping journey back in time to discover the buried secrets of one of the world's most enlightened societies – Ancient Greece. For 100 years, from 500 BC to 400 BC, Greece was the center of human thought and creativity, and laid the foundations for the way we live today.

"Greece: Secrets of the Past" will show at 1 and 3 p.m. every day, with a morning showing at 11 Monday through Saturday and later showings at 5 and 7 on Friday and Saturday nights. The film's narrator is Greek-American Nia Vardalos, writer and star of the hit, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," for which she received an Oscar nomination.

At the center of the film is Dr. Christos Doumas, an impassioned Greek archeologist who is working feverishly to piece together the puzzle of ancient Greece and better understand its influence on life today. He weaves a compelling story about how archeology has unearthed the ways in which the early Greek's rapid progress in science, politics, philosophy, sports and art resulted in perhaps the greatest explosion in human advancement ever seen.

Ancient Greece gave us the concept of democracy itself, which evolved in fifth century Athens. The Greeks also created the Olympic games, the beginnings of modern theatre and entertainment, as well as the study of mathematics, physics, architecture, biology, zoology, politics and ethics.

"Because ancient Greece is where many of our own ideas about democracy, human achievement and freedom were first born, it is more important to us than ever," says producer/director Greg MacGillivray, an Academy Award nominated film maker. "Our film is like a form of time travel – we go back to figure out what happened and why. Audiences will have the change to explore archeological ruins, sift through volcanic sands, and examine thought-provoking legends for clues to how the Greeks lives and perishes. Most of all, I hope the film leaves audiences with a sense of the profound lessons the classical Greeks left behind for today's world."

"Greece: Secrets of the Past" is a modern detective story and an archeological journey into the distant past. It offers a new perspective on an age of universal importance to us all.

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